Network Marketing Tutorial – Learn the 4 Personality Types

If you’re not accepting a ton of fun with your Network Marketing business, this advice about how to become a adept of the 4 Personality Types is just for you.

Theories of Personality Types

Theories about the Personality Types accept been about back Hippocrates. You ability accept heard them by added terms: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholy, and Choleric or Expressive, Amiable, Analytical, and Driver.

I’m traveling to advise them to you in a simple and fun way that I abstruse from my Mentors, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy. Never again, will you be apathetic if about people. The 4 Personality Types by Colors are:

  • BLUE — anticipate Snoopy of Peanuts
  • YELLOW — anticipate Charlie Brown of Peanuts
  • GREEN — anticipate Linus of Peanuts
  • RED — anticipate Lucy of Peanuts

To accomplish Colors easier to understand, I will amplify a bit. Most humans will be a aggregate of Colors, with one accepting their absolute Color. Also, a being ability be predominately one Color at home and a altered Color at work.

Why the Colors are important for Your Network Marketing Business

I will explain how anniversary Color makes a different addition to your team. Ideally, you will wish at atomic one aggregation affiliate from anniversary of the 4 Colors, because anniversary Color has their own strengths and your alignment will be stronger as you apprentice to draw on anniversary others strengths.

Are you thinking, ‘Wait a minute? If I was in school, I was tested. My agents told me to plan on my anemic areas.’

Forget that. I’m traveling to advise you how to advise the associates of your alignment to plan in their strengths. How does that feel?

This arrangement allows humans to accord what they are acceptable at and adore doing.

  • Would you like a acceptable apostle in your organization? You wish a BLUE.
  • Would you like anyone who is abundant at developing tools? You wish a GREEN.
  • Would you like anyone who is a abundant trainer? You wish a YELLOW.
  • Would you like anyone who is abundant at accepting results? You wish a RED.

This touches on addition affection of a able organization. Robert Kiyosaki says, ‘Success is a Aggregation Sport.’ Highly acknowledged Leaders are not Lone Rangers. They apprentice to allure and plan with a advanced array of humans and are abundant at bringing out the best of others.

Draw a Diagram of the Colors

Take a area of paper. Draw accumbent and vertical curve to accomplish 4 quadrants.

  • At the top, address Open (Hugger, talks about Family).
  • At the bottom, address Self-Contained (not Hugger, my Family is none of your business).
  • At the left, address Indirect (Listener).
  • At the right, address Direct (Talker).
  • In the top larboard quadrant, address YELLOW.
  • In the top appropriate quadrant, address BLUE.
  • In the basal larboard quadrant, address GREEN.
  • In the basal appropriate quadrant, address RED.

Brief Description of the 4 Colors

I’m just traveling to accord a abrupt description of the 4 Colors actuality and go into anniversary Color in greater detail in a abstracted article.

  • BLUEs are Open and Direct. Their adage is — Let’s accept fun.
  • YELLOWs are Open and Indirect. Their adage is — Let’s be friends.
  • GREENs are Self–Contained and Indirect. Their adage is — Let’s get the facts and figures.
  • REDs are Self–Contained and Direct. Their adage is — Let’s get results.

It may be added difficult for you to analyze your own Color than anyone else’s. That’s not unusual. Don’t worry. It is abundant added important for you to analyze the added person’s Color, because already you’ve articular their Color, I’m traveling to advise you how to allege their Secret Language.